Ring Cube Camera Prize

Tsuyoshi holding his GR Digital II

ONWARD ‘11 is continuously expanding and we are delighted to announce our latest collaboration with Ring Cube, the photography gallery and education space of the Japanese technology company, Ricoh located in the heart of Tokyo. Ring Cube will be generously awarding each of the two winners of ONWARD ‘11 with a Ricoh digital camera from their line of impressive consumer and professional-grade digital cameras!

The two winners can choose either Ricoh’s GR Digital III or the GXR+S10 Kit. Both of these point-and-shoot digital cameras are made with the serious photographer in mind. Whereas most consumer point-and-shoots bury manual controls in unintuitive menu screens, Ricoh’s cameras are designed with physical controls that come naturally to a photographer used to shooting with DSLRs. The intuitive interface is functional and convenient, without sacrificing control.

The GR Digital III is very sleek and has a 28mm/F1.9 lens for outstanding brightness and a high sensitivity 10 megapixel sensor. The GXR system is Ricoh’s innovative interchangeable camera system, where each lens contains its own image sensor and can be removed from the camera body. The camera’s lens slide mechanism and the fact that the digital sensor is attached to the lens as an enclosed unit, virtually eliminate the problem of dust on the sensor. Both of these cameras are worth checking out if you are a serious photographer who has wanted a point and shoot but does not want to give up the control you are accustomed to while shooting.

Tsuyoshi, the Program Director at Project Basho, has been using Ricoh’s classic GR1, a legendary point-shoot camera which is as thick as a film canister for years and recently added the GR Digital II to his camera collection. The primary reason for his choice includes the intuitive access to all the fundamental controls, the size and the ruggedness of these cameras. Pictures from his recent visit to Wexford, Ireland were taken with his GR Digital.

We are incredibly excited about this partnership with Ricoh Photo Gallery Ring Cube. Stay tuned for another exciting announcement regarding ONWARD’s partnership with Ring Cube coming shortly.

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