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This year, ONWARD has been trying to encourage a stronger tie between American and Japanese photography communities. Japan is home to many camera manufacturers and innovations and also happens to be where Tsuyoshi Ito, Program Director of Project Basho, was born and raised before he moved to Philadelphia 14 years ago.

To Tsuyoshi it seems amazing that in the technology-driven 21st century, where words and images travel in a matter of seconds, there still does not exist an active dialogue between the photography communities of these two parts of world. People remain unaware of what is going on photographically on either side of the Pacific, whether it is the latest trend in the fine art field or technical developments like modern platinum printing methods.

We want to change this situation and facilitate more communication between these two countries. To do this, we have translated the general information and guidelines for ONWARD into Japanese and both are now available on the ONWARD site. This is something we have wanted to offer since ONWARD first started and we are thrilled to have it be a part of ONWARD ‘11.

ONWARD in Japanese

We are also working closely with Japanese sponsors like Pictorico, a manufacturer of fine inkjet papers, and Benrido, a century-old collotype studio in Kyoto, and they have been very helpful in spreading the word about ONWARD in Japan. Furthermore, in the next few days we will make a major announcement about an exciting collaboration with another Japanese sponsor. We are really excited to have these partners from Japan onboard to further promote ONWARD to photographers in a different continent.

We hope that this will create a more vibrant connection between photographers in America and Asia and will present a kaleidoscopic view of what emerging photographers are working on.

Dubai photographer, Inka Resch's “Anonymous Specs 2339” from ONWARD '10

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